casino-fraudIn the state of Nevada, gaming fraud is very similar to what is referred to on the stock market as insider trading. Gaming fraud involves using information that is not available to the knowing public in order to reap financial benefits. Gaming fraud carries significant fines, as well as possible prison time. Hiring a gaming fraud lawyer in Las Vegas can help you get the charges reduced or dropped.

What is Gaming Fraud?

The legal definition of gaming fraud is very broad. Unfortunately, this gives casinos a lot more leeway than it gives you. What it really boils down to is finding a way to cheat the system in order to win a game and make some money.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not have to be the one physically committing the fraud in order to get in legal trouble. In the state of Nevada, it is just as illegal to provide someone with inside information to help him or her cheat the game, as it is to actually cheat the game. It is also gaming fraud for someone to attempt to cheat or manipulate a gaming device, like a slot machine, in order to reap financial benefits.

What Defense Do You Have?

Fortunately, a qualified gaming fraud lawyer can help you defend against gaming fraud allegations.  The defense strategies your lawyer could use to try to get your charges dropped include:

Lack of Evidence

You cannot be convicted of gaming fraud just because you won a lot of money. The casino or gambling establishment has to provide some level of proof to back up their claim that you were cheating.

Lack of Fraud

The unfortunate truth is that just having a good night at the casino and getting lucky makes you look bad. It is not uncommon for you to get accused of fraud when you are just having a really good night.

Illegal Search

This is what gets a lot of cases dropped by gaming fraud lawyers in Las Vegas.  Police cannot search you without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. If there was no evidence to suggest you were cheating, anything found on you during a search could not be used as evidence.

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